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Design Center

Artwork Guidelines

When uploading files to our website, please include the following:

  • Order, Quote, Purchase or Confirmation number
  • Contact Information
  • Special messages you would like us to know about your artwork/order

If you are having any issues with uploading your artwork, we also accept:

  • Emails
    Email to: or, please reference all order & contact information.  When emailing your artwork, please attach your file rather than embedding or pasting your artwork into your email.  We accept emails with download links from websites like Hightail, Dropbox or WeTransfer.
  • Mailed hard copies, discs and flashdrives
    Hard copies must be clean, clear and legible.
    Mail to:
    Accuform Printing
    7231 Southfield Road
    Detroit, MI 48228
    * Reference all order & contact information

FIle Formats

  • Preferred File Format
    Acrobat PDF X1A Compliant
  • Acceptable FIle Formats
    Photoshop (PSD), TIFF, JPG, PNG, InDesign (INDD) or Quark (QXD)
    • For these formats, all files must be submitted to size, at 300 dpi minimum
    • We are running the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, and we update our software constantly, so we are always running the latest and greatest versions of Adobe software.  
    • We have a working version of Quark 10, but it is old software and we have not received Quark files from clients in over 5 years, so expect an artwork charge to prepare a quark file for printing.  We are not responsible for any file errors that occur from working with Quark files.
    • All PSD, TIFF, JPG and PNG files should be submitted as flattened artwork.  We are not responsible for any errors that may occur in your artwork if files are still in layers when submitted.
    • InDesign files must be submitted with all fonts and image files used in the layout included.
  • Microsoft Office:  Artwork submitted by Word, Powerpoint, Excel or Publisher will take additional time to process, may delay your order and require additional artwork charges for time spent making your files print ready.  To avoid these delays, save your Microsoft office files as pdfs, and embed all fonts and images.

We can attempt to work with other file formats, but not all formats are compatible or considered print ready.  If your artwork is not considered print ready we may charge an additional fee to redraw if you cannot provide a better file.  We may need to alter your logo to fit our printing specifications.  Your account representative will be in touch with you if your artwork does not meet our requirements.

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    Wayne County Executive Office
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    City of Novi
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