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Our History

Arthur and Helen Konczal of Dearborn Heights, MI founded Accuform Printing & Graphics, Inc. in 1969. Originally the business focused on business forms. As the company grew throughout their rich beginnings, the need for four color print became apparent and the company expanded into specializing in four color printing and certified special effect applications. Greg Konczal and Gail Konczal joined their parents’ company in the late 1970’s and 1980’s to oversee the plant and its continued success. Today Accuform Printing & Graphics, Inc. has become the vendor of choice, largest tier one supplier vendor to the City of Detroit and many Fortune 500 Companies, including Ilitch Enterprises.

Celebrating our 51st  Anniversary, Accuform is proud to have grown from humble beginnings to a full service printing communications corporation. 

We value the industry standards by adhering to the best printing practices to deliver the finest print quality, expedite services ensuring proper key control, customer satisfaction and superior client relationships.

  • Piston Automotive
    Piston Automotive
  • Wayne County Executive Office
    Wayne County Executive Office
  • City of Novi
    City of Novi
  • Blue Line Food Distribution
    Blue Line Food Distribution
  • Little Caesars
    Little Caesars